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If you want to work with tree experts to take care of pests, remove diseased and damaged trees, provide healthcare services to your tree or even get a tree removal permit from the local government, we’ve got you covered. At Hawthorne Tree Service Pros, we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with our services. This is why we provide you with the experts and equipment you need to make your garden or tree look superb.

Pest and Possum Control

If your trees are attracting pests and other small animals, we help you control them with proven and targeted treatment services. Our qualified arborists provide this service while considering the safety of your home, family and neighbors. We don’t use any harmful toxins or chemicals when providing this service. Instead, we use safe and state-of-the-art techniques to protect your trees

Arborist Reports

If you need experts to provide you with a full arborist report, whether it’s for a residential or commercial area, we’ve got you covered! Our company can carry out a full tree survey and inspection whether you want formal advice or need a high-value tree taken care of. We provide arborist reports for tree owners that want to reduce the risk caused by trees or a third party that was affected by the trees.

When providing our arborist services, we tailor our inspections to meet your needs. We can carry out a preliminary assessment and provide recommendations or a full investigation of the suspected internal defects. If you’re dealing with pests and diseases, we identify them and provide solutions on how to control them. 

Hazard and Risk Assessment

Your tree might be affected by structural defects, inherent flaws or even environmental conditions. When this happens, it might be complicated to identify the issue with the tree, but you can use our expert hazard and risk assessment services instead. 

We help you detect tree hazards early to reduce maintenance costs and take care of them on time. This means you get fewer tree accidents and healthier trees.

Contact Our Professional Arborists

At Hawthorne Tree Service Pros, we are a team of qualified arborists that are always willing to take good care of your trees. Whether it’s a high-value tree or a normal tree, we provide you with tree services so that your garden always looks amazing once we are done. You can contact us for arborist reports, or if you think something is off with your tree, call us for an assessment and inspection today.