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Has one of our trees fallen, or does it seem like it’s about to fall and cause damage to your property? If a tree or tree branch falls down on your property, it can crash through the house, car, power line or other spots. This can cause a lot of damage, and the best thing to do is remove the tree as soon as possible. If this happens, it’s much better to rely on your locally owned and operated tree services – we can reach you anywhere in Hawthorne!

Emergency Tree Removal

Call Hawthorne Tree Service Pros today to schedule tree removal services in an emergency! Whether the tree looks like it’s about to fall or it has already fallen, all you have to do is contact us, and our experts will be there as soon as possible to provide emergency services. We know the Hawthorne area is like the back of our hands and can reach your residential or commercial property as soon as possible to take care of the fallen tree or tree branch.

Storm Damage Services

You never know what will happen in the case of a storm, and in the case of heavy storms, you might deal with some damage from your trees. When this happens, the best thing to do is call the professional local tree services in your area. Hawthorne Tree Service Pros offers emergency tree removal services after a storm. We can take care of tree limbs and branches that caused damage, remove dangerous trees on or near power lines, get rid of fallen trees that are close to the road, houses, or driveways, and take care of other situations! After a harsh storm, give our professionals a call!

What To Do After a Harsh Storm

If you just experienced a storm that damaged your trees or caused a branch to fall down, you should not try to deal with the problem yourself. Storm-damaged tree removals should be left to the experts because of how dangerous it can be, especially when the tree or branch is close to power or on the roof. Once the storm is over, it’s better to contact our experts immediately.

When providing emergency tree services, we don’t only get rid of trees, but we can repair storm-damaged trees too. Our arborists will get rid of the branches that are unneeded and provide your tree with the support it needs to grow. 

Contact Our Experts Today!

If you need efficient emergency tree removal services in Hawthorne, you can contact our experts today! We can help you get a tree gone as soon as possible, whether the tree is weak or has been damaged by a storm. Give us a call, and we will be there as soon as possible!