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The best way to take care of the trees in your yard or garden is with constant maintenance. This is why you should work with our experts at Hawthorne Tree Service Pros to provide you with consistent tree maintenance services. We protect your property and the safety of your loved ones by removing diseased, dead or damaged branches, pruning them and making your landscape look better.

Tree Maintenance Solutions

You don’t have to wait for something to be wrong with your trees before you call a professional to help you. At Hawthorne Tree Service Pros, we provide you with routine tree maintenance services so that your landscape is always looking amazing. Our tree care experts make use of cutting-edge pruning and thinning methods and limb removal solutions to promote health and longevity in your trees.

When maintaining your trees, we also provide you with cabling and bracing so that trees with decaying areas or a poor branching system won’t get fully damaged. Sometimes, your tree is structurally weak and needs branch support systems. Our experts provide you with regular maintenance for your trees.

Tree Inspection Services

At Hawthorne Tree Service Pros, we provide you with tree inspection services. We are professional tree arborists that can quickly spot symptoms of disease in trees or point out weak branches that can cause damage or injury. If you are concerned about the trees in your home, contact us for a tree inspection.

Land Clearing Services

If you want us to get rid of trees and also clear a site or land, you can hire Hawthorne Tree Service Pros for its land-clearing services. We work with a wide range of commercial tree removal tools and equipment that are able to handle large-scale tree removal and land-clearing projects. Our experts have the tools and professionals to perform your land clearing.

Crane Services

Hawthorne Tree Service Pros is a leading crane service company that can handle any job that needs a crane. We work with a team of crane operators that are fully experienced, insured, and licensed, and our professionals make use of cranes to get rid of very large trees or carry out complex tree removal jobs. With these cranes, we can handle complicated trees that cannot be removed with normal methods.

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When you’re in need of tree maintenance and complex removal services, we’ve got you covered! Get a quote from our experts at Hawthorne Tree Service Pros, and we will book an appointment for your tree inspection and maintenance. Remember to receive this maintenance regularly so that your trees continue to thrive.