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Although trees are a great addition to your garden or your yard, you need to constantly prune, cut, or trim them to ensure that they are functioning as they should. Without constant pruning, the trees will obstruct the paths and driveways, block light from going through the windows, and even hang over your neighbor’s property.

There’s a lot of damage that comes with having overgrown tree branches. They can fill the gutters with leaves, tangle with electrical cables, and get blown away by severe storms and heavy winds. If you want to avoid the problem of overgrown tree branches, you should hire experts for tree pruning, tree trimming and tree cutting

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming services are provided to promote healthy growth in your tree, and our experts offer this service. You should book trimming solutions at least three times a year to make sure your tree is well taken care of. 

Our experts provide dead wooding, which is the process of removing the dead wood from the tree. If the dead tree branch is not removed, it can spread to other branches, causing it to rot. Dead parts of a tree can spread disease and infect the trunk. We provide trimming to remove deadwood safely so that it does not attract pests or break off in the case of a storm.

You can also hire our professionals for shrub trimming, which will enhance the health of your pants and improve their curbside appeal. An overgrown shrub can become too heavy and weigh itself down. It can also grow sickly and make your lawn look ugly. It’s important to maintain the shrubs in your yard so that they look attractive. This is why you should hire us for shrub trimming. 

Tree Pruning Solutions

At Hawthorne Tree Service Pros, we also provide you with tree pruning services. We can install cable systems and bracing to your trees if the crotch is weak or they are too young to survive on their own. Once the tree becomes a bit stronger, we will get rid of the cables. Our experts also provide you with corrective pruning services. With our pruning services, we can get rid of dead or dying stubs and branches, allow sunlight to reach the branches, prevent diseases, infestations and decay, and support healthy growth. Our pruning services will also promote the desired shape you want.  We also provide crown density reduction, which is a tree pruning technique that is used on hardwood trees. We provide this to remove any overgrowth that might be blocking out sunlight. Our professionals will fully inspect your trees and then let you know if you need a crown density reduction or not and how much is ideal. We get rid of unneeded weight dragging your trees down. 

Tree Cutting Services

You can also hire Hawthorne Tree Service Pros for our tree-cutting services. Tree cutting or chipping means removing limbs or branches of the tree after it has been cut. We make it easier for you to get rid of the damaged tree, branches and limbs by cutting them with a tree chipper.

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